The product is typicaly used in the plumbing industry for absorbing leaking residual fluids/water from pipes and containers during replacement, service and repairs.

The product is thin and very flexible which allows it to be used in all the difficult to reach places, where there isn't room for using a bucket or any other similar container for collecting the water leaking from the pipe or container.

The product is capable of absorbing and binding water extremely fast, and it is constructed in such a way that dirt and moisture from the used product cannot get into contact with the surface underneath the product during use and subsequent disposal of the product. This ensures that floors and carpets will not be damaged or soiled during repairs.

The product enables the plumbers and industrial fitters to do the job in a quicker and easier way, without soiling or damaging sensitive surfaces as floors and carpets in company offices, private homes or electrical installations in industrial facilities.

Typical use will be during replacement of radiators or repair on sprinkler systems. Both are characterised by being placed in difficult to reach places, either close to the floor for the radiators or hidden above lowered sailings for the sprinklers. Furthermore both of these installations are characterised by containing water that is usually extremely dirty and filled with tiny particles of rust which will discolour or destroy anything they get into contact with.

The products are developed and patented by the company’s founder, and the patents cover both the materials used in the products as well as the physical construction of the product. One version of the product with an absorption capacity of 5 litres of tap water is already on the market and a bigger version with higher absorption capacity is under development since we have had many requests for such a product.


VVS, RSK, NRF og LVI numbers for the nordic countries

Denmark VVS no. 271991040

Sweden RSK no. 5641295

Norway NRF no. 9400521

Finland LVI no. 7065300